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The Dye Pot- Petunias

A friend of mine gave me a bag of petunias she had dead-headed. They were a deep violet with a white stripe. I'm not sure of the name. I immediately thought of the dye pot!

I chose a muslin and a sheer mystery fabric. The mystery fabric is not silk, hence the name.

I boiled the petunias in a vinegar bath for a half hour, then added the cloth for another half hour.
I then turned off the pot and let it sit overnight. The pictures above are the result. The first picture
is the muslin, it turned out a lovely shade of rose. The mystery fabric (second picture) turned out
a dusty gray, it's a lovely shade that does not show up well in the photo.

The fabrics were heat set and are now ready for different art projects.

In the Studio- Fairy Door

I have wanted a fairy door for my garden for quite some time now. I have seen some wonderful
doors on pinterest. So I thought I would paint one for my garden.

I painted it with acrylic paints on wood. There are small vines and flowers around the door. I plan
on adding a garden path and some miniature plants around it.

I used 2 coats of varnish, front, back and sides- to protect it from the weather. I used wood glue to
attach it to the fence post.

If you are interested in a fairy door, let me know.

Quiet Reflection Sunday-Memorial Day

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free,
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

Lee Greenwold

In My Studio- Bird House

Painted a birdhouse this week. There are forget-me-knots on the bottom and daisies on the
top. A fun little project.
Also working on a fairy door for my garden. I will post pics when finished.

Have a great weekend.

Quiet Reflection Sunday-Nature

I go to nature to be soothed and healed,
and to have my senses put in order.

John Burroughs

Quiet Reflection Sunday-Mothers Day

Mama was the greatest teacher,
a teacher of compassion,
love and fearlessness.
If love is sweet as a flower,
than my mother is that
sweet flower of love.

Stevie Wonder

There are all kinds of Mothers in this world. May you all be blessed.

Quiet Reflection Sunday

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
It's about learning to dance in the rain