Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song,
read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were
possible, to speak a few reasonable words.

Johann Wolfgang von  Goethe

I do love Sunday's, it is a time to relax, let your hair down

and for one day forget all the worries and the problems.
A day to settle my brain, give thinking a break and just enjoy.
I love to spend time with some of the elderly people 
in my neighborhood. Have a cup of tea and listen to their 
stories. We live in such a hectic world so it is a good thing 
to take a trip down memory lane.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Do you like to hear stories from elderly relatives or friends?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday

Normally I start out my Sunday posts with a photo I had taken and a quote. Well this Sunday I decided to do something different.
My blog has always been about the happier side of life, well things are not always that way. I have decided to come clean, to be honest.

I have been an artist all of my life, from the time I could hold a 
crayon my parents paid for lessons. They encouraged my work to a point. I was told art is a hobby and not a career. Well, along the way I have found that art is a way of life, whether I was folding 
baby clothes or cooking. 

I just never felt I had enough time to work. Do you feel that way?
To be honest, I thought, if I were a man and art was my career,
I could go to my studio every day and come home in the evening.
Everyone would accept that, right? As a woman, my career as an artist came second to being a mother and working outside the home.

To get to the point, here I sit, my children are grown up, I have
all the time in the world to produce and yet I do nothing, or
very little. It's not for lack of ideas, they seem to come day and 
night. I haven't a clue why I am not working. Any suggestions?

So back to Quiet Reflection Sunday. I love taking pictures and I love encouraging quotes. I generally select a quote that inspires 
me at the time. So I have one for today, hoping it will encourage 
me to work, and maybe you too.

10 Rules for Being Creative

1. Stop reading lists about being creative and go and do something.

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