Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1. Visit the ocean/lake- take home some sea glass, shells or driftwood
2. Go swimming (buy a kiddy pool if you don't have access to water)
3. Take a nature walk, carry a bag for any objects you find
4. Sit outside, in a lounge chair and read a book (SPF50)
5. Make a batch of ice tea with mint
6. Plant some flowers or herbs in yoour garden or on your windowsill
7. Watch the stars instead of TV
8. Go to a drive-in movie theater- bring pizza
9. Make a pitcher of sangria
10. Run through the sprinkler
11. East dinner outside by candlelight with a tablecloth and cloth napkins
12. Go to your local community concert
13 Go for an old fashioned ride in the country, pack a "shoe box" lunch
14. Go to a Little League game
15. Have ice cream at you local library's Ice Cream Social
16. Pick strawberries and blueberries from a farm

I made up this list because summer was not feeling special this year. So I decided to brainstorm ideas of things to do this summer. Hope something interests you as well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal

I have decided that the best time to work on the journal is when I'm stressed.

I just got back from the doctors, turns out my knee is not fractured, it is arthritis that has made it difficult to walk.

The first thing I did was glue the Police Blotter from my community paper in the journal. Always good for a laugh. I then proceeded to the page, drip something here. I took some pink paint and dripped it, following the instructions I shut the book, reopened it to find blobs of color. Looks like an ink test where you are supposed to find something in the blob. I found nothing. Perhaps another time I will see something highly creative. I did find pink paint on my good linen shorts though.

I decided to go get the mail, we have mail huts. My neighbor was there and I asked her what she thought of the weather (she was wearing long sleeves and long pants). It is 86 and humid. She said she never discusses the weather, she hates anything above 70, but is always happy to discuss snow in the winter. I love the people in my neighborhood.

Next entry: WTJ in the shower

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wreck This Journal

I recently gave my grandson the book Wreck This Journal to wreck. I took some pictures of him while he was playing with it.

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