Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn- The Changing Season

Autumn is a season of transition. Melancholy sets in for me at this time of year. It's a time for remembering how life is always
changing. I remember years gone-by, loved ones long deceased.
And yet, in the back of my mind, I know there will be Spring.

I have been taking lots of photos this changing season. My hands refuse to cooperate with needle and thread. A shift is taking place
with regard to my artwork also. I have decided to remove color
from my photos, focusing on light and shadow. Winter time is a perfect time for black and white.

What kind of change is taking place for you?

Take care,



  1. Lovely pictures. I share your feelings of melancholy with the arrival of autumn. Such a beautiful time of year but full of poignancy.

  2. you live in such a beautiful part of the world Susan, thank you for sharing, may your autumn days be gentle

  3. Beautiful photos here and I understand the melancholy that goes with autumn. I live at the beach so winter is not so white or harsh but change in light.

  4. my two favourites are the last two. - for different reasons. I do like the colour in the fallen leaves. xoxo

  5. Such beautiful photos Sue! I love the textures and subdued tones in the third one, great shot! In my artwork a shift is taking place as well. It's nice to see where it will take us. Wishing you a beautiful day, xx

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  7. Transition and reflection - I completely agree... both autumn and winter have these qualities for me, as well as that melancholy you mention. I'm deep in that world of shifting and questioning, taking a bit of time out from the world for a couple of weeks and exploring new paths. These photographs are beautiful - I'm especially drawn to the tree silhouette in the final one, mystical and perfect in the frosty morning.
    Alison x

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