Monday, July 5, 2010

Strawberry Jam

We have a tradition in our family of strawberry picking and then jam making. My children picked strawberries with me when they were young. I think they ate as much as they picked.
Telltale sign, little red faces. My daughter picks them now. My grandson will be old enough to
pick strawberries next year. I can hardly wait to see him out there eating and picking.

My job has always been to make the jam. I make freezer jam. Every year I make enough to
last the winter, or so I think. Every year we run out. There is nothing like opening a jar of jam
in the winter and savoring a taste of summer.

I bought raspberries this weekend and plan to put some in the freezer too. Next year I plan on buying a raspberry and blueberry bush, so I can grow my own.

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