Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Call Me The Thinker

Cool cabinet door isn't it? 
I have been staring at it for a month, 
knowing full well my plan. 

Here is the problem, I over think.
Hopefully you are not so afflicted.
Over thinking has been a habit of
mine for a long time.

My new word, or phrase for this year is over thinking. It has to end.
Please tell me I'm not the only one 
doing this?

This is what happens, an idea will pop
into my head, I will spend weeks
working out all the details, only to
over think a project to death. And
that is exactly what happens, I seldom
put the project into action.

Well this habit has to end! It is
going to be a struggle changing, but
I just want to go from point A to
point B.  

Wish me luck in the new year and I
will keep you posted with my progress.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this door! I don't consider it 'over' thinking when a project takes a long time to come to fruition... I think that it has to process deep in your subconscious for awhile, and it will come about when it's good and ready, and it will be all the better for the wait!

  2. Thank you Katherine, perhaps I am not patient enough

  3. i used to be that way but not any more. people wonder how i get so much done. i don't think about it much anymore....i just do it and go on to the next thing. most anything done wrong, or i should say....not to your liking...can most always be corrected and changed. and then, there are the happy accidents... something not intended turns out better than the plan. just go for it.

  4. Thank you for your ideas. Have a great evening

  5. i over think but i have learned to let the thoughts pass through me. while i am going, some get caught up in it all. i think all the thoughts should be thought, i think just learning to let them come and go is key.

  6. Just don't think...but that's difficult...hmmm, see, I'm thinking too :-)

  7. A great, creative friend in Wisconsin gave me the word that has successfully pushed me from over-thinking...organically.....when I allow an idea t move into action before the planning, over-thinking me gets in the way there are many surprises and most of them happy and successful. If not, well there's always recycling. Kristin


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