Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday- Keira Victoria

I would like to introduce my new grand daughter,
Keira Victoria. Today I held her for the first time.
I was totally speechless.

All afternoon I have been searching the sages for
a poem to describe her. Nothing suited the spirit
of the occasion. So, I will write from the heart.

Dear sweet Keira, as I held you in my arms, love
poured from my heart to yours. I shall always
remember the moment. You are a special light
brought into this world by two loving parents.

May your life be filled with great joy and peace.
It is payback time for your mother, remember
I said that, lol.

May you see the beauty in all things and enjoy
all the natural world has to offer. You have
wonderful, loving parents, I wish you could have
seen the happiness on their faces when they held you.

I didn't want to forget to do a shout out to the twinkle
of my eye, Aedyn Christopher, Keira's big brother.

Marie and Matt, may you enjoy parenting Keira
all my best love,



  1. Congratulations All!!! She's a cutie!! ♥

  2. oh how beautiful she is. Congrats to you and her parents. what a joy.

  3. How sweet. Nothing like a new babe to coo over...
    I was intrigued by your crock pot post. Hand dyeing can yield wonderful results.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! She is adorable. I love to dye fabric with natural materials, the crock pot has turned out to be the best thing!


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