Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday- Harvest Time

Apple Season!! My favorite time.
Every year we go to the apple farm 
for fresh apples, cider and donuts.
There has been a standing tradition
in my family that I make applesauce.
I make a huge pot and then freeze it 
for the winter months. There is
nothing like apple sauce warmed
when it is sub zero outside.

I use a variety of apples for the sauce.
Core them and cut them up in large
pieces. I used to peel them, but I don't
bother anymore. Put them in a large
pot with about a cup of water. I add
a half to a whole cup of brown sugar.
Plus a tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix 
it up, cover and put it on the stove 
on medium low. Check it often for
the consistence until it's ready to
mash. We like chunky applesauce.
Remove from heat and mash. I use an
old potato masher. Allow the apple-
sauce to cool and then put it in 
containers if you are going to freeze.
Allow enough space on the top for
expansion. Put the rest in the frig.


  1. so do I. two years ago I went around photographing everything I could find with a repeating pattern, it is surprising how many images I have


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