Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry Jam

Making strawberry jam is a tradition in my family.  When my children were young we would
pick strawberries together at a farm in my area called Fitch's. While I can no longer pick strawberries, my daughter makes the trek and brings the haul home. Last year she took my grandson,
apparently being three means eating the strawberries as you pick them.

I make freezer jam as I find that to be the easiest for me in my current circumstances. I use liquid
pectin. The directions are clear and the results are perfect every time. They even make a low sugar/
no sugar package of pectin. I managed to get 7 jars of jam this year.

The wonderful part is during the winter months we have a touch of spring as we spread the jam
on biscuits and toast. It is also wonderful on ice cream. Strawberry jam makes a wonderful gift, especially for people who cannot pick their own. I have some elderly neighbors who just love
receiving a small jar of the jam every year. I have some small Ball jars that I put the jam in for them.

If you haven't made strawberry jam, this is a great start. It's simple and delicious.


  1. YUM!!! There's nothing like homemade jam!...My grandmother used to make plum and blackberry jam. You brought back a memory. :-]

  2. Oh yum! My grandmother used to make Damson Plum Preserves. My mouth waters thinking about it. I cannot get Damson plums around here or I would make her recipe.

  3. Yumm! I'll be by later to get a jar... LOL

  4. making jam for friends and family is a pleasure. in a way, not unlike mending.


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