Monday, November 7, 2011

The Painters Psalm

  The Painter"s Psalm

Painting is my hobby, I shall want no other.

It maketh me to lay down my mop and broom,

Walk by my dirty dishes to my studio room.

It restoreth my piece of mind

And leadeth me into strange places, subjects to find.

Yea, tho, I am alone with brushes and paints,

I feel no loneliness.

The sight of colors and odor of oils, they comfort me.

I prepare a canvas on my easel and paint

While my dishpan runneth over...

Surely, I will have a rainbow in the gravy at dinner,

And I will dwell in a state of confusion forever.

Julia Bierbaum


  1. That's beautiful! Love your bowl!

  2. Love this bowl Susan! A Beautiful creation.

  3. Love this Susan and LOVE the quote can I ignore the ironing for just a tad longer?


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