Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I always think of flea markets and antiquing during the summer. Well on my trip to Austin, I found a very unique shop called Uncommon Goods. The store was wall to wall antiques and collectibles. They allowed me to take pictures of the shop so I could share them with you. I collect so many things. This time I purchased a vintage straw hat with beautiful lace and rhinestones. This store was the kick-off to a season of flea markets and garage sales. Have you been bitten by the bug?


  1. Me too! One of my first adventures every summer is a trip to the flea market! We have one called "Brass Armadillo" and its full of little booths just like the ones in your pictures. In the past, I've actually picked up a few things to use in my artwork. (That marble jar)
    Glad you like flea markets too! It's a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!

  2. Oh me two too! I love to spend an afternoon just poking through all the little trinkets etc. It's like treasure hunting, so exciting. Happy shopping and lovely photos Susan.

  3. This is a cool place to 'poke' around in! Great photos - I feel like I am exploring in this wonderful magical room filled with memories.

    Happy Gardening my Twitter friend! Happy to find you at your blog site.

  4. Ah, another Austin favorite ... now relocated


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