Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beach Life

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went out to breakfast. We both used to live in Lakewood, Ohio so we thought it would be fun to have breakfast at The Place to Be. It is a tiny restaurant, off a main street in Lakewood. If you have lived in Lakewood for awhile, you know the place. It is not a well known restaurant, unless you are a local. Great breakfast, omelets etc... There still are places where you can eat
for under ten dollars.

There is a park not to far from there that looks out over Lake Erie. I used to go there several times a week. I moved out to the country so it's not that close anymore. Of course I didn't bring my camera.
So I was forced to take pics with my IPhone. Someone had built a tee-pee out of driftwood!  You cannot tell from the picture, but it stands at least 12 ft. Hopefully this weekend I can get closer and remember my camera.


  1. WOW! Somebody is pretty industrious, huh?! :-) You never know when you're gonna need that kind of build a wood fire I mean...I'll look forward to seeing your close up photos...By the way, I love locally good priced eating places too! Sometimes they have the best food! :-)

  2. I know, I just thought it was so neat. I always try to eat at local places, I agree about the food.

  3. That's huge! Someone was going to have a large bonfire! I love Lakewood and am glad you had a chance to get together with a friend.


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