Friday, April 8, 2011

Cleveland Botanical Garden:Orchid Show


                        Cleveland Botanical Garden: Orchid Show

The show was beautiful. So many orchids. I wanted to take them all home.
They have a structure called the Glasshouse. It is a rain forest environment. There were
all types of plants and small animals that live in a rain forest. There were birds, butterflies,
a turtle, and others. A wonderful place to take the family.

So I took quite a few photos while I was there. Right now I will show you the orchids.
Pardon me but I forgot to write the names down. I was just so excited taking pictures.


  1. hi susan~
    *thank you* SO much for stopping by my little blog!! i would *love* to have you join in my little photo challenge...there is a link in the post i did that will take you to the flickr group...let me know if you still can't find it and i will send you and email with the link...

    thanks SO much and look forward to your photos!!

    prairie XO

    btw~*LOVE* your blog!! :0)

  2. These are such lovely photos. The flower show must be amazing! Wish I didn't kill all my orchids...seems I have a black thumb in that department.
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. Happy Sunday Susan!

    It sounds as though the Cleveland Botanic Garden Orchid Show was just lovely. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. Bright and beautiful - just like spring :-)

    Arbor and Vine

  4. Susan, the Orchids are simply beautiful. I know you had a blast at the show.... Glad to see these pictures posted. BTW, I love the Alison Krause music....

  5. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE orchids and what a wonderful treat your post is! Thank you so much for bringing us along.


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