Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Call Me The Thinker

Cool cabinet door isn't it? 
I have been staring at it for a month, 
knowing full well my plan. 

Here is the problem, I over think.
Hopefully you are not so afflicted.
Over thinking has been a habit of
mine for a long time.

My new word, or phrase for this year is over thinking. It has to end.
Please tell me I'm not the only one 
doing this?

This is what happens, an idea will pop
into my head, I will spend weeks
working out all the details, only to
over think a project to death. And
that is exactly what happens, I seldom
put the project into action.

Well this habit has to end! It is
going to be a struggle changing, but
I just want to go from point A to
point B.  

Wish me luck in the new year and I
will keep you posted with my progress.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday. A time for
family and friends and taking care of others. It's a time
for feeding birds and animals. A time for giving thanks.
A time for food!! I love food. I am fortunate that I am
able to select what I would like for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is also a time when I remember those who
have moved on. I miss them so.

This year there is a new addition to the family, my son
will be flying in from San Francisco and my daughter
is cooking.

Today I think about my mother and the past. We always
had a large crowd at Thanksgiving. All I'm going to say
is Catholic. I'm sure you get the idea. It would take days to plan, shop, cook and ugh, the clean up.

I see Thanksgiving as a process, an installation of love.
There is beauty and art from cutting the vegetables to
serving a feast.

So I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I'm praying for those who will not be eating and
enjoying company on Thanksgiving.

One more thing, it would seriously be remiss of me not mention football!!  When is kick-off?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday- Keira Victoria

I would like to introduce my new grand daughter,
Keira Victoria. Today I held her for the first time.
I was totally speechless.

All afternoon I have been searching the sages for
a poem to describe her. Nothing suited the spirit
of the occasion. So, I will write from the heart.

Dear sweet Keira, as I held you in my arms, love
poured from my heart to yours. I shall always
remember the moment. You are a special light
brought into this world by two loving parents.

May your life be filled with great joy and peace.
It is payback time for your mother, remember
I said that, lol.

May you see the beauty in all things and enjoy
all the natural world has to offer. You have
wonderful, loving parents, I wish you could have
seen the happiness on their faces when they held you.

I didn't want to forget to do a shout out to the twinkle
of my eye, Aedyn Christopher, Keira's big brother.

Marie and Matt, may you enjoy parenting Keira
all my best love,


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quiet Reflection Sunday- Harvest Time

Apple Season!! My favorite time.
Every year we go to the apple farm 
for fresh apples, cider and donuts.
There has been a standing tradition
in my family that I make applesauce.
I make a huge pot and then freeze it 
for the winter months. There is
nothing like apple sauce warmed
when it is sub zero outside.

I use a variety of apples for the sauce.
Core them and cut them up in large
pieces. I used to peel them, but I don't
bother anymore. Put them in a large
pot with about a cup of water. I add
a half to a whole cup of brown sugar.
Plus a tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix 
it up, cover and put it on the stove 
on medium low. Check it often for
the consistence until it's ready to
mash. We like chunky applesauce.
Remove from heat and mash. I use an
old potato masher. Allow the apple-
sauce to cool and then put it in 
containers if you are going to freeze.
Allow enough space on the top for
expansion. Put the rest in the frig.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Crock Pot Revisited, an unusual use

I have found a new use for my crock pot, as you can see from the pictures. I love to dye fabric but, I do not have space for an open fire and dyeing in the kitchen gave me problems with my allergies. So for weeks I have wandered around thinking what I could use to dye.

Recently I had my daughter and her family over for Sunday dinner. I dragged out the crock pot and made
a large batch of bolognese sauce. Unfortunately I was not happy with the results. I have had a love hate relationship with the crock pot. So after Sunday dinner, I decided to put my crock pot in the garage sale pile once and for all.

I'm not sure when it happened but a light bulb went off
and I decided to try the crock pot for dyeing. Why not? It has a long cooking time, I could use it in the garage and I did not have to worry about my allergies or a fire.

The process;

I filled up the crock pot with golden rod.
Added water and then the cotton fabric.
Add a good splash of vinegar to the water.
I added a rusty metal ring to weigh the fabric down.
Put the lid on and set the time for 8 hours.
After 8 hours I laid the fabric on the grass to dry.
When dry, I ran it through the dryer to set the color.
I then washed the fabric by hand and  hung it to dry.
And then pressed it again.

Couple of things, I over dyed some fabric I had so there
would be an interesting pattern underneath. When hanging to dry it will stain the floor. I will not be using the fabric for clothing as I am not sure if it will fade. The crock pot can not be used to cook in after using it for dyeing. If you don't want your hands dyed, wear rubber gloves.

If you would like to research natural dyeing I would recommend the master dyer, India Flint. She has some marvelous books on the subject.

Have fun and experiment!