Friday, July 7, 2017

Hello everyone! I haven't posted for quite sometime. I had carpel tunnel surgery and my right hand is just now beginning to function.
With so much time on my hands, no pun intended, I've had to much time to contemplate my life, how I fit in this universe and how would I like to proceed.

I have been questioning my art work and what I want to say, as well as what type of medium. Loving so many mediums makes it difficult to focus.

Lately I have done a lot of observing. Taking lots of photos along the way. Hope you enjoy them.



  1. I missed your Sunday morning posts. Glad things are getting better. Welcome back.

  2. Oh I can relate so much with your post.
    I have been gone from online for so long, that I am now hic-upping back into the world of the internet.
    Like you I have so many loves for so many mediums, I just confuse myself. I hope you will find your unique way of expressing your art and your creativity! I might one day, too :)

  3. Happy to hear you are healing.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Hugs :)